Three-wheelers are a popular mode of public transport with three-wheel faring being a prevalent occupation amongst Sri Lankans. Over 1.2 million three-wheelers active in the country as of 2021, making it an efficient and essential way to get by to short-distance destinations. Sadly the good people who are providing this valuable service are getting extremely low benefits compared to the service they provide. After covering the full cost and the maintenance cost of the vehicle, most of the drivers have a negative balance on their hands.

With our concept, vehicle owners will be able to earn more money by spending a competitively small price. Even the vehicle conversion cost will not be a burden on their shoulders and at the end of the contract time period, the full amount of the conversion cost will be paid back to them.

Most importantly the drivers will be able to accept more rides regardless of their distance. Drivers will be able to earn a reasonable amount of money compared to the good service they provide and the effort they put into supporting millions of people every day.     

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