advisory partner

The Ministry of Transport and Highways of Sri Lanka oversees the legal operations of all motor vehicles in the nation and facilitates the execution of national-level projects focused on the betterment of transportation in Sri Lanka.

government partner

The Industrial Development Board contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life of the Sri Lankan community and empowers and provides opportunities to the enthusiastic working-class of Sri Lanka.

Project Owner

Zhong Long (Pvt) Ltd is the main technology provider and the project leader of this massive project. All the conversion process and the material providing will be done by Zhon Long. 

Operation partner

Boswin Group (Private) Limited is handling the operation and management parts of the project. Customer handling and the promotional parts will be done by the Boswin Group.


To give the maximum benefit to our customers, we have two modes to select.

You can read the details of each mode and select the most suitable mode for you.

Our Contribution

Impact on


Impact on


Impact on



4500km per month

(150kn per day)


LKR 1 650. 00 per day

You can make the payment in either daily, weekly, or monthly modes.


Per day Charge = LKR 1 650. 00 + (Distance Traveled) x LKR 10. 00

If you cover the given distance of 4500km before 30 days, LKR 10. 00 will be

added per kilometer in addition to the daily charges of LKR 1 650. 00. 


LKR 2 000. 00

Per Day


Technology Provider

All the installments of the conversion kit and the other necessary items will be installed by trained technicians of Zhong Long (Pvt) Ltd, a Sri Lankan private limited company founded by Lt. Col. and Sri Lankan entrepreneur Prasad Vidanalage with Chinese Businessman Mr. Chen Zhong Sheng for the purpose of empowering the green sustainable energy and expanding the global cutting technology throughout Sri Lanka.

From this project, Zhong Long (Pvt) Ltd is giving the benefit of using LKR 1.6 million worth of equipment just for LKR 300, 000 to the three-wheeler drivers in Sri Lanka in the battery swapping mode, barring the higher cost and risk to the company. The repair of the conversion kit will be done without charging any amount from the customer (*conditions applied). The company will only benefit from the battery-swapping service.

Thus making this project is highly beneficial to the hard-working Sri Lankans, who are providing a priceless service to the entire public transportation system in Sri Lanka.


Visionaries Behind the project


Visionaries Behind the project
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